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Convert It! (Currency & Unit Converter)

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Разработчик Devare!
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The best unit conversion app for the iPhone and iPod touch - convert anything to anything!

With a great, simple, user interface you can convert any UNIT or CURRENCY to another with just a few taps. No complicated menus to deal with like other apps.

Currency can be updated on demand with one touch - and even though there are literally thousands of different units to choose from, the whole app fits on your device taking up less than 1 meg of space!

This application also takes into account the different measurements between the U.S. and Europe. (i.e. a U.S. gallon is different than a UK gallon)

Choose from THOUSANDS of units across categories like:

- Acceleration
- Angles
- Area
- Astronomical
- Concentration
- Cooking
- Currency
- Density
- Energy
- Force
- Frequency
- Length
- Illuminance
- Luminance
- Power
- Pressure
- Speed
- Temperature
- Time
- Torque
- Volume
- Weight

This unit calculator has it all! But, if by some unlikely chance you theres something you want thats not in here, well gladly add it in an update.